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Strawberrie SLushie

the inner workings of me brayn!

10 August
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.: About the Girl :.

responds to - Kiki
years young - dont ask a lady her age!
hides - bay area, california
orign - kailua-kona hawaii
reaches dreams at - 5'11 n 3/4inches (go me, freakishly tall!)
brushes - black/brown/red/PINK!
styles - medium/short curls
sees the world through - multicolor blue/sea green lenses
shades of - porcelin
gender specific - female
turns around the sun - August 10th
lives as - a kitty (leo, and a tiger)

[i am]
+ someone who can speak Japanese, French, English and Spanish hardly at all to varying degrees of fluency
+ fairly optimistic realistic
+ co-dependant on sugar and caffeine
+ adorable, cute and annoying as hell
+ addicted to Jrock because it's friggin' sexier than you are! ;p
+ a red head at heart (temper, temper)
+ too oppnionated
+ self concious
+ a hypocrite
+ the most morbid, happy person you'll ever meet

[i am not]
+ perfect
+ short!
+ ugly
+ beautiful
+ the best at compromises
+ a good plant caretaker

[i like]
+ crepes
+ pretty people with tattoos and piercings
+ Fashion, more specific, Lolita + rokabilly
+ Ai Yazawa
+ Music, all kinds!
+ Vivienne Westwood
^^my idol / hero^^
+ Victorian Maiden
+ Juliette et Justine
+ Mary Magdalene
+ Innocent World
[i don't like]
+ being wrong
+ identical non-conformists
+ overzealous religous peoples
+ liars

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation because your character is what you really are while your reputation is merely what others think you are." John Wooden
"If you want to hide something, put it in plain sight" Edgar Allen Poe
"you all laugh at me because i'm different, i laugh at you because you're all the same" John Davis
"there's something inside that they cant get to, they cant touch, it's yours - HOPE." Andy Dufresne
"war is over (if you want it)" John Lennon & Yoko Ono